Italia II: A Rome-ing Anne Gathers No Moss

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Between birthday celebrations and packing for Paris to see Lauren this weekend (!!), editing and sifting through pictures from Italy has been pushed to the side – sorry Italia! I’ll finish eventually je vous promets. My exciting news for this week is that yesterday my I Heart My City: Aix-en-Provence was published by the National Geographic Intelligent Travel blog! Cue tears. But now, cue Roma.


Most of my time in Rome was spent with serious vespa separation anxiety. I would see someone riding through the city – looking super chic – thinking, ” Dang it, that could be me.” Dang it, that was me.


The best part of Rome, for me, was riding a vespa. The best part of being in Rome was that my sister was there too…because maybe or maybe not I followed her high school trip there. She has grown up before my eyes

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Chou du maraîcher et pommes de terre farcies

Coco Jobard

(c) coco jobard (c) coco jobard

Le temps s’est beaucoup rafraîchi à Paris, très frisquet ce samedi  matin. Le maraîcher a de trop beaux choux verts frisés ! Pourquoi pas un plat d’antan, des choux farcis ? Il est temps, cela seront les derniers avant les beaux jours.  Super !!! Parfait pour le déjeuner dominical en famille !

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The Sun Project: Part 2

The Sun Project: Part 2.

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Marais Sunday

Marais Sunday.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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